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Success in soccer is based on three things; First, finding a good coach (more important than the club). Second, being a player that is all in, and willing to work hard. Finally, finding a trainer that can help develop your skill set, and fitness, especially in the off season. Paladin Soccer, with Emily and her wonderful staff, definitely helps with the the last two items. Our 2nd Division Girls team, JUSA 2002, was considered underdogs all year long even while beating up on 1st Division teams in preseason,a and tournaments. Eventually making it to the Kepner State Cup Final Four (being seeded 23rd of 24 teams), before losing out to an up and coming Premier team on penalty kicks. BTW, the team that won our age group, has also worked out with Emily. A bunch of our girls worked out with Paladin at the end of last season, and during the Summer, helping to tighten up our skills, fitness, and team Dynamics. Emily and her Staff were wonderful, as we had private Club/Team sessions, as well as attending a few of her camps. The Staff that Emily has is high skilled and was very proficient at getting the most out of our girls. I highly recommend Paladin, and we look forward to using them in the future. Thank you Emily!

Jimmy Coull


Emily is one of the most positive individuals I have ever met. I feel so lucky my daughter has had the opportunity to train with her for the past six months. My neighbor recommended Emily when I told her I was thinking about getting her extra training to help her make the high school soccer team. Now all I do is refer her to everyone I know. My daughter is playing on the classic level at Wake FC, and since she started training with Emily, her confidence level has gone way up. Training is very hard and Emily pushes her during the entire hour, but the way Emily makes her feel about herself as a soccer player is the most gratifying. She now believes in herself. Not many people have Emily’s characteristics, she believes in hard work, has a big heart, and truly loves helping the younger soccer players attain their goals.

Michelle Mendler


We LOVE some Coach EM!!!! Maddie first met Coach Emily as her Coach her first year playing Classic Soccer at CASL 3 + years ago. From the first day of practice Maddie and I both knew that Emily was going to be a big influence in Maddie’s life. Both physically and mentally. Maddie has always loved that Emily never stopped believing in her and to this day still calls her for advice and training to better her game. Ask my daughter and she will tell you that what she loves most about Emily is that she continues to PUSH her to do better. Emily has given and continues to give my daughter advice and the confidence she needs to play to her fullest potential. Oh! And did I mention that she has always been there for me as well? All I have to do is pick up the phone and call and Emily is always there to give me advice on how to handle situations concerning Maddie and her soccer experience. Thank you Emily for being a part of our lives, you are a blessing to our family.

Kelly Manganro

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